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There are no assigned parking spaces for residents at this time.


Permanent Decals
The following documents are needed in order to register the vehicles:
1- Valid driver license.
2- Vehicle current registration and insurance.
3- In the event the vehicle is not owned by the tenant then a notarized letter from the owner stating that he/she had granted permission to the tenant to drive the car is required is required.
4- Please bring the vehicle (s) to the property at the time of registration.

Temporary Decals
Temporany decals can be obtained at the guard house.

Guest Parking
Guest spots are located outside of the guard gate.

Gate Cards/Gate Transmitters/Back Gate Keys
All availiable in the office at a cost of $50.

Damaged or lost gate cards/gate transmitters and or back gate keys are not exchangeable for new gate cards/gate transmitters and or back gate keys.

Previous desposits on damaged or lost gate cards will not be refunded.

Refunds are no longer given on the purchase of new gate cards and/or transmitters.

No tailgating allowed. All damages and cost of repairs to our gate will be charged to the owner of the vehicle responsible.